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Grow the fastest tomatoes on your block with the easy milk jug trick!Grow the fastest tomatoes on your block with the easy milk jug trick!
After a long, dreary winter, I can't wait to sink my teeth into the first fresh, juicy, vine–ripened tomatoes of the season. Now I get my tomatoes weeks earlier, thanks to a tip I found on page 44 of Yankee Magazine's Panty Hose, Hot Peppers, Tea Bags, and More–for the Garden.
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Panty Hose, Hot Peppers, Tea Bags and more – for the Garden
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Carry Case – Horizontal AND vertical belt loops let you keep everything at your side for when you need it!

Pruning Knife – Prune, cut, trim, open, and more with this sturdy knife.

Mini–trowel – Perfect for digging seed holes or prying out small rocks.

Ruler and nail files – Check planting–hole depth and make sure your plants are perfectly spaced. The file has a thousand uses–including cleaning your nails on the spot!

Sharp V–blade – Makes short work of making garden row markers. Helps pull stubborn weeds, too!

Spring–activated pruners – Prune small branches, grape vines, roses, woody weeds, and more with ease!

Phillips head driver – When "some assembly is required," you'll be ready to go!

Saw blade – "Too thick for pruners" saplings? This blade will cut 'em down pronto!

Mini–scissors – Thin seedlings, cut twine, open seed packets, and 1,001 more uses!

Mini–rake – Smooth out a seedling bed or tidy up around a house plant.
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